About Us


Vidyapith is inviting applications for grants to fund suitable projects from primary and secondary schools in India (primarily in West Bengal). Priorities will be given to schools operating in poor and backward areas.  

The projects should involve facilities and services that will improve educational provision for children and young students in need.

The application must contain a detailed proposal setting out the description, the costs, the timescale of the project and other sources of income, if any, to fund the project.

Once an institution seeking funding approaches Vidyapith with an application, we follow the following process for our grants:   
1. The trustees will assess the application together with a report from a "contact person" engaged by the trust for the purpose.

2. If a grant is awarded, the project will be closely followed (by the above-mentioned contact person) during the project period. 

3. The institution will submit a report to the trustees on completion of the project. 
There is no overhead cost involved.

Please send us your application to the trust address.