About Us


1. What is Vidyapith? What is its objective and what does it do? See Home.

2. Who can apply for grants and how? See Grants.

3. What is the procedure followed in awarding grants? How are the award-receiving projects evaluated and supervised? See Grants.

4. What are the projects that have already received grants and how much did they receive? See Projects.

5. How can I become a donor? How do I contribute? See Donors.

6. I am a donor. How can I get more involved in Vidyapith's activities? See Donors.

7. I do not want to be a donor right now but I want to help. How can I? You can help spread the word about Vidyapith among your friends and colleagues. You can also help by publicising our work to other interested parties.

8. How much of my donation will actually reach a beneficiary? There are no overhead costs. Excepting some essential administration costs (such as web-hosting fee), the amount we raise is fully used to fund projects. Every service provided by the trustees is done so purely on a voluntary basis. See Reports.